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Welcome to Parallel Solutions, your last Payment Processor. At Parallel Solutions we have the experience, relationships, and technology that will allow your business to begin accepting credit cards quickly, securely, and consistently with bank partners that understand your unique needs. With Parallel Solutions you can be sure that your ability to operate your business is our number one concern. Our program will place you in the ideal situation to do that safely and securely, so you can concentrate on running your company.

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You can begin the process by filling out our online application. Once submitted, a Parallel Solutions team member will contact you to discuss your business and understand your specific needs as they relate to merchant services. We understand that each business is different and can tailor your credit card processing program, rates, and fees accordingly.

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Parallel Solutions allows you, our client, the ability to take back control of your payment processing and, ultimately, your business. Read more

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"Parallel Solutions has gone above and beyond in facilitating Glacier Payment’s credit card solutions.  In our efforts to make global credit card processing as efficient and simple for our merchants, our long standing relationship with Parallel remains solid and trustworthy. They have consistently presented innovative solutions to stay ahead of frequently changing markets."GP (Parallel Solutions Agent Office)
"I was introduced to Parallel Solutions about a year ago after having suffered real issues at my peril with several US based Merchant Providers. Everyone I dealt with, prior to Parallel, did not understand my business or indeed understand the nature of online business. Parallel was very different. Being UK based I even questioned at the time "was the US the right place to do business.

Working direct with Parallel has been an absolute blessing. Parallel’s team is by far the most helpful, most understanding professionals in their field. With their help, I now co-own a company that will process $15 million dollars in year one with a projected volume of $25 million dollars in year two.  This could not have happened without their help, guidance and support.

My advice, work with these guys and you will not look back!"Kevin (UK based merchant)
"Parallel Solution's vast experience has been a big asset to my processing solutions. I am thrilled to have their knowledge and relationships on my side" –Carl F (US based Merchant)
"We have been working closely with Parallel Solutions as well as their associates at Bank of St. Kitts for the past six months in conjunctions with our efforts to manage and reduce chargebacks and to continue processing transactions in a timely manner.

The Parallel Solutions team has a tremendous amount of expertise in our areas of concern and has been a valuable asset in helping us change our billing systems and transactions processes to be more efficient and reduce chargebacks.

We found that not all offshore merchants are created equal and the teams at Parallel & St. Kitts have handled our needs with the utmost professionalism and have executed with enormous speed.  Parallel was able to expedite the process and because of their employees on the ground in St. Kitts were able to have us up and running and accepting transactions offshore within the week.

Parallel has met or exceeded our expectations at every level and we continuing working with Parallel and consider them a vital part of our ongoing efforts to grow our business and protect our revenue streams."-Oliver (US based merchant)
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